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What Are the Different Types of Carpets written by: eliimichko
According to the two types of fibers in textile, natural and man-made, the types of carpets may be based on silk, wool, etc., as natural components, or on synthetic material, like polyester, nylon, etc. A combination of the two types of fibers may also be available in a carpet composition. From that perspective, what are the different types of carpets?

A nylon-based carpet may be stain-resistant. Yet, a professional approach to maintain that type of carpet is needed, like steam cleaning by jetting hot water to vacuum the dirt.

A polyester type may prove to be without an allergenic effect. There is, however, a need for a deep cleaning once a year, although it may be recommended on a more regular basis for a heavy traffic area. A polypropylene carpet or rug is another option for a floor covering. To be rinsed in a thorough manner, the experts apply a specific drying method.

Special care is required for a carpet based on wool in order to ensure the protection of the fiber compactness, color, etc. Maintenance safety is of paramount importance. And that condition is solidly valid for hand-made oriental carpets, for example, which delicate texture and aesthetic vision demand for the care of a competent cleaning professional. Persian, Tibet or other silk carpets, knitted by hand, represent, too, a maintenance challenge, alongside the beauty and artifact nature of the region. Ventilation is a pre-requisite for a continuing lifetime.

Loops on a carpet may shape a carpet pile, and may be either cut or intact. Those types of carpets are also available as floor coverings. They may be of a “Berber” style, easy to clean, or cut and subject to different treatments, or “Saxony” and susceptible to easy damage, or “velvet” and suitable for settings with significantly low traffic.

A combination of different facts, assumptions and principles may define the need for an expert carpet cleaning service. Among those to be further considered are the micro-environment for the specific carpet type and its exposure time, impurity agents, health effects, etc.

As a historical tradition to create art on carpets and keep them as a world handicrafts heritage with authentic artistic material and design, in Portugal, for example, the carpets produced in Arraiolos are waterproof, and only specialized companies proceed with the washing and repairs, if need be.

The philosophy behind is that for each carpet type the proper maintenance should be carried out. And it is a matter of expertise and correct approach.


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